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Muy Triste (DEC 20 2008) - Her?

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December 20th, 2008

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03:37 am - Muy Triste (DEC 20 2008)
'm sad that my novio and my sanchito's aren't working with me anymore. Damnit. Oh well, at least I'm todavia no trabajando con gueras putas. But I miss them ALOT! 

However, I am VERY happy that 2 months ago I finally found a way to get rid of asshole. I thought I would never escape. I think I ;was in denial about how awful he was while we were together. I think he was the worst boyfriend I have ever had in my life. Even the Russian was better then him, because at least the Russian was fun and not a liar. I don't think I've ever met such a manipulative, unappreciative, using, and most of all SELFISH hypocrite in my whole entire life. And this shit went on for more than a year. More than a year of being bossed around, controlled, and treated like shit. But it was so manipulative and subliminal I didn't even completely realize it was going on while it was happening. That's why I'm so hesitant to be in a committed relationship now, because don't want to belong to anyone right now. Not after the bad experience I just got out of. 

Oh well, yo aprendar un poco mas todo los dias, asi tomo mucho cuidado con los muchachos ahora. (Con un poco de suerte!) 

And another thing, he said that he could speak Spanish fluently, to the point of being "bilingual." It's one thing to lie/exaggerate about your linguistic skills, but to act like another person is stupid and wrong when they say something in said language that you don't understand, because you automatically assume in your arrogance they have to be wrong if you don't understand, that's just obnoxious. That just goes to show what a pig headed idoit he is. Sorry, but if you don't know what "no se" "tambien" and "yo soy" mean then you can't speak Spanish."
Losers suck. If you're going to take 95% of your significant other's paycheck, at least treat them nicely and not like crap. Especially if it's because your to lazy to work and your a grown man who had to go back to living with his mommy. And then to tell me that I should be happy with the $20 out of the $300 that is left for myself! HA!

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