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Damn me. - Her?

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January 5th, 2009

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04:13 pm - Damn me.
  Oh, I'm to guilty about not going to work today to quit. I called and they said all of the occurances go away at the begining of the year, so hopefully when I go in tomorow nobody will bitch at me. Usually I just get a weird look from the line leader after missing a day (untill last friday and today, the only other days I missed were a day at the begining of september, and 2.5 back in early September.) But the line leader isn't in charge of getting people in trouble anyway.
 And besides, Saul is pretty cool, even though Rennee sucks, now that Saul is back, Renne can't pretend he runs shit anymore. 
 I just need like 2 or 3 more months anyway. There's still a chance I could be in trouble, but I think the worst that can happen is someone will bitch. To bad everyone speaks English there now so I can't pretend that I don't know what they're saying in Spanish/Creol. (Even though the only words I know in Creol are Lazy and Gay.)
Current Mood: restlessrestless

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Date:January 6th, 2009 01:47 am (UTC)
oh, did you see our new community?

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