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March 29th, 2008

01:53 pm - Why does it keep saying I look like Alicia Keys? It said my sister looks like Magic Johnson.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family history

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01:49 pm - My Celebrity Look-alikes, for some reason they're all asian.

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

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12:25 pm - stuff
I haven't written in this thing in forever. So Here's an entry.
I really want to join the coast guard. Probably at the end of this year. Since I fucked up college by being an irresponsible drug addict, it seems to be the only way I'll have a successful life. I want to do the journalism thing in there, and the A school for that is someplace in Maryland near Baltimore. Well, I love ghettos so that should be fun.
I don't understand baby lovers. I've never met anyone who so objected to babies being called "it." They are 'Its'...they hardly have a gender untilthey go through puberty! How could anyone not realize that babies are androgynous, let alone be offended when someone mentions that they are?
I refuse to turn my vagina into a black hole in order to have something (or someone) fall out of it kicking and screaming.

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December 6th, 2007

06:20 pm - stuff,.
Blood clots suck. I had to stay in Beebe for about a week for pulmonary embolisms, meaning that I had blood clots in both lungs. It made my ribs feel like they were being smashed with a sledge hammer.
My homeboy took good care of me while I was in the hospital though. I <3 him. Now I have a $21,800 hospital bill, but I'm praying that they accept me as a "charity case".
Oh, and in case anyone reading this is thinking about using the Nuva Ring for birth control, don't, because that's what gave me blood clots. Actually, one of the nurses I had said that in 6 months, she's seen 3 other girls my age have pulmonary embolisms from the same thing. That's a lot of people for a Sussex Country hospital.
Current Mood: okayokay

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May 4th, 2007

01:55 pm - Ranodm
I miss 2004 and 2005 more then ever. :-( Whenever I even see those years written down I get sad with nostalega.
My tattoos finally healed. I want more. Now!
I'm happy because I got a 98% on my medical terminology mid term.
My contact hurts.

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May 2nd, 2007

08:26 pm - Fun people
I'm glad the cat gets to sleep in my bedroom now that I have a door. Even though it's been like 4 months and she pures so loudly it's hard to fall asleep.
Current Mood: contentcontent

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July 11th, 2005

02:14 pm - :-)
So not only am I able to stay in school and keep my dorm, they actually let me change my major to something much more interesting and fun!!! Yay visual merchandising!!
And, for the rest of the quarter, I have my own bedroom and bathroom.
Part of my major is designing display windows for the school's building at 2300 Market street. Awesome!

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July 8th, 2005

11:56 am
That sick fuck that donated sperm to my mother 21 years ago has been at it again. I have never in my life met anyone so twisted and malicious. I would never ever treat another living thing the way that he treats me, let alone my own flesh and blood. Not that he really is my flesh and blood anymore. What a joke. I would not disowne my own children for a gold digging cunt, who desides that she doesn't want his children to be in college anymore, so that he can build her a fucking castle and take her to paris.
Fuck face still has my computer, but I'd rather just save up money to buy a new one...it's not worth it to see his pathetic face again. Esepcailly when every single phone call he makes to me ends in tears.
Just how twisted to you have to be to scream and cruse at your child that they're "Fucking lame, fucking lame" because 2 classes that were worked hard on for 2 weeks were failed due to a computer crashing, and all the work had to be re-done the night before? I've never heard of anyone disowning anyone for this before. Funny.
But he never really was a father to me. Just like all other males in existance, he's been nothing but emoitionally sadistic and cruel to me. I wish to god that I was a lesbain, so that I could have hope of one day having a relationship with a person cabale of human emotion, of being trusted. Too bad for me. I guess. The fact that I'm heterosexual is just an indication that my life will be full of this type of pain and suffering.
Has of now, the twisted sick in the head asshole is out of my life for good. He threatened to steal the savings bonds he has at his house that were given to be has a child, to make up for the money is classes that I failed. They would be worth about $1000 all together, there are lots of them, and they're not matured yet. This man makes over $200,000 a year. He tired to make his daughter homeless in 48 hrs so he could save $3000. And all of this money goes to his new wife, and to hunting trips....not a cent to charity, ect.
My mother and my aunt are now asking for the student loans and bills to be turned over to them, so that I can continue my education. Twisted freak has called me to tell me in 48 hrs I'll be homelss, so he can save $3000 out of his millions that he's got saved up. He already cancelld my housing and my education, but it seems they might be able to be salvaged, and all I'll have to do is apply for re-entrey. I'm hoping and wishing so hard that I won't have to take the quarter off. Also, this is an eye opener...I'm switching my major finally. I'm tiered of doing something that I hate out of lazyness.

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July 1st, 2005

10:40 pm - oh hell
Well, Since I did really poorly last quarter in school, my "father" has decided that I'm not aloud to go anymore. Since I am refusing to leave the city of Philadelphia, I am now looking for a job there, and for an apartment/roommates. I already registered on a roommate matching website, and once I get a job, I'll be moving in with someone.
I'm also getting my savings bonds from him from him that I got when I was a little kid, and cashing some of them in, to help me pay the first months rent and security deposited, to hold me over until I get my first pay check.
I'll be staying in my old college dorm in center city and going to classes until I find a job and a place.
If anyone knows of any job openings in the Philadelphia area...or if anyone has any ideas about places around here that are usually hiring, that would be awesome. Also, If anyone has any friends who are looking for roommates, leave me a message for that too!
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Dead Kennedys- mtv get off the air

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June 19th, 2005

11:49 am - summmer
So I'm home right now for summer break. I can't belive it's been a whole year since Dima came down from New York to visit me, and we stayed at the Beacon motel together. Weird.
Ohhh! How I wish Lisa were still living off of Allen Street in the Lower East Side! How I wish my appartment were still really high up so I had a good view of the whole entire fucking city!!! How I wish Krystal and Ashley still lived in my building!!!
I fucked up so bad last quarter...I'm supprised they're letting me back. I hate my major. I'm just gonna switch to an associates degree, then look for a job that's related (but not exactly graphic design.)
I'm still obsessed with living in New York. I still think Philly kinda sucks.

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